As much as we hate to admit it, search engines are still the #1 source of traffic to a web site.

With most sites, search engines can account for up to 95% of traffic. But if you're not placed in the first three pages, it's unlikely you'll get any traffic from a search engine.

Link popularity is one of the most well known ways to increase traffic by ranking very high in the Search Engine results. The theory behind link popularity is the more websites that link to yours, the higher your website will rank or the more traffic it will receive.

If more sites are linking to you, your link popularity is higher. The logic being that if more people link to you, the quality and importance of your site is probably higher.

You can artificially increase your site's link popularity by submitting to Free For All (FFA) pages. 

Many of the FFA pages to which you submit will be spidered by the search engines. Your links will be found and increase the link popularity for that particular URL. This is an instant, automated way of giving your listings a boost. 

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Validate your e-mail address


  • Set up a secondary email account and use it exclusively for submitting. NEVER use your primary email address. In this e-mail address you will receive confirmation messages from several ffa sites.
  • If your email address rejects incoming email or is  invalid it is subject to being banned.
  • Autoresponders are not allowed.
  • Any email address that Linkstation considers to be unproductive is subject to being banned. 
  • Submitting any email address you are not authorized to use is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. Linkstation keeps log files and tracks IP addresses on every submission. Any abuse will be reported to the proper authorities.
  • Submitting to the Linkstation Free Submission Service, may result in many confirmation emails being sent to your email address. Do not submit to the Linkstation Free Submission Service unless you are equipped to handle the number of emails that may be sent to your posted email address. 
  • The Linkstation Free Submission Service is available for use only by those who agree to these terms.

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